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Germany provides an additional 7,5 Million Euros for the UN World Food Programme in Egypt

03.12.2020 - Pressemitteilung

The year 2020 has seen the world hit by an unprecedented pandemic causing challenges for almost each and every person on the planet. For the most vulnerable groups, this impact often turns out to be even harsher. Against this background, Germany has decided to increase its help for those in need by providing an additional 7.5 Million Euros to support the World Food Programme's (WFP) important work in Egypt.

Traditionally, food assistance is at the heart of WFP's commitment in Egypt and thus, the funds will be used to address the most pressing nutrition needs of vulnerable persons in Egypt, including refugee families. In addition, WFP has, in close cooperation with Egyptian medical facilities and other partner institutions, launched a special programme focusing on supplies and medical care for more than 6000 pregnant women, nursing mothers and their children, which it hopes to resume as soon as possible. But WFP’s mission in Egypt is not only about fulfilling the most basic needs, it has also brought an initiative that provides vocational training, and assistance in starting micro-businesses and start-ups for Egyptians and refugees. In this manner, the project that has already seen a number of successful start-ups based on partnerships of Egyptians and refugees, creates opportunities, improves livelihoods and helps fostering integration and social cohesion within the host communities.

German Ambassador to Cairo Dr. Cyrill Jean Nunn said „Especially in challenging times like these, we must not forget the most vulnerable among us. I am glad that Germany can contribute to the indispensable work of the UN World Food Programme in Egypt to help address basic needs, improve resilience and create perspectives.“

„Germany is a long-standing partner of WFP and with their support we have been able to support the Government in providing life changing assistance to the most vulnerable communities in Egypt. Today more than ever, we are in need to put our hands together to support more communities that have, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, become even more vulnerable to food insecurity. Thank you to Germany for this contribution that will enable us to secure the food needs of such refugee communities in need,“ stated Menghestab Haile, WFP Representative and Country Director in Egypt.

Humanitarian assistance is a foreign policy priority of the German Government. Germany is a leading humanitarian donor and plays an active role in all key UN decision-making bodies in order to help make the best possible use of funding, and make the entire international humanitarian aid system more efficient and more effective. In this context, the UN World Food Programme is one of Germany's most important partners in providing humanitarian assistance in various countries all across the world. WFP is the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. It is the world’s largest humanitarian organization and has been active in Egypt since 1968.

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