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Statement of H.E. Ambassador Frank Hartmann regarding the current international developments on German Unity Day

04.10.2022 - Pressemitteilung

„The unification of Germany on 3rd October 1990 was one of the happiest days in German history. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Iron Curtain and the end of the division of Europe between East and West gave us hope for a better world. And Germany was very grateful for this historic gift, namely to the USA, France, Great Britain the then Soviet Union under M. Gorbatchev.

Today, 32 years later, war has come back to Europe. Europe and the world are threatened by a devastating war Russia inflicted on Ukraine, calling into question the Ukrainian people´s right to existence and self-determination.

We are standing here today in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are defending their and our freedom and democracy against aggression. The people of Ukraine need our solidarity and support.

This war is not only challenging Europe´s security, but the food security and the economic stability of the entire world are at risk. Countries like Egypt and other parts of the world have to pay the price of the Russian aggression. It is not about them or us. We do not want to enter into a new cold war.

Our joint objective is to protect the rule-based World Order founded on international law and the UN Charter and defend world peace.

Therefore, we reach out to our friends in Egypt and the wider world to defend this international order against peril, and make clear that illegal referenda, annexations and rhetoric about nuclear threats have no space in the 21 century. This position we should jointly uphold in the UN General Assembly. “

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