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Statement of H.E. Ambassador Frank Hartmann on yesterday’s UN General Assembly resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine:

13.10.2022 - Pressemitteilung
Botschafter Frank Hartmann
Botschafter Frank Hartmann© Michael Asaad

„Yesterday, the UN General Assembly stood up for its founding principles, for international law and peace by passing the resolution on the territorial integrity of Ukraine with an overwhelming majority of 143 votes. In clear violation of the UN Charter, Russia has annexed Ukrainian territory, based on sham referenda organized at gunpoint and not even refraining from irresponsible and dangerous nuclear threats. These actions breach the UN Charta, they shatter the principles the international community stands for and they violate international law in a way that affects the safety of each and every country. With yesterday’s resolution the UN General Assembly has sent a clear signal, that this must and will not be accepted. Germany and the international community have taken a firm stance against the Russian escalation. We thank our partners from all over the world, including Egypt, for endorsing the resolution and holding up international law and peace.“

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