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Egypt and Germany to deepen cooperation in combatting climate change and training young Egyptians – Germany pledges landmark sum of around € 360 million for development cooperation projects with Egypt

12.12.2022 - Pressemitteilung

Future Egyptian-German development cooperation will focus even more on combatting climate change and its consequences and on providing training for young Egyptians. These are key takeaways from high-level governmental negotiations between the two countries that took place last week. Germany committed to finance projects with Egypt worth around € 360 million.

German Ambassador to Egypt Frank Hartmann hailed the results of the negotiations: „Germany again ranks among the very top of development partners to Egypt. In cooperation with our Egyptian partners, we invest massively in a shared future based on reduced carbon output and clean energy as well as state-of-the-art vocational training for the younger generations in Egypt. Last week’s negotiations mark an outstanding success for our bilateral relations based on mutual trust, friendship and close cooperation.“

Germany and Egypt, together with the USA, take an important step in fighting climate change within the Egyptian nexus program for water, energy and food (NWFE). For this, Germany provides a total of €258 million in grants, loans and debt swaps. The German commitment mainly focusses on NWFE’s energy pillar and pursues the ambitious goal of replacing a 5 GW capacity of inefficient gas-fired power plants with new and clean renewable energy capacities delivering an output of 10 GW. Also, as part of the agreement, Egypt undertook to move forward its goal to have renewable energy sources account for 42% of its overall energy mix from 2035 to 2030.

Another focus of German-Egyptian cooperation lies in the technical support of education and training initiatives in Egypt. Germany continues to invest in dual vocational training and supports initiatives to systematically integrate the private sector in vocational training. According to Ambassador Hartmann, Germany „supports practice-oriented vocational training tailored to the needs of employers and the labour market, thereby promoting both the huge potential, talent and skills of young Egyptians and the competitiveness of a number of Egyptian industries.“

So far, over 200.000 Egyptians have benefitted from a wide range of German-funded vocational and advanced training as well as education initiatives. This year alone, Germany provided more than € 40 million in support of the career prospects of young Egyptians.

As agreed during the negotiations, Germany cooperates with Egypt also in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable economic and urban development as well as access to public administration in Egypt.

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